Renting a car in Costa Rica with Jumbo Car : What are the merits of hiring a car with this service?

When seeking an ideal country for holidays and honeymoons, Costa Rica remains a good destination. This country is blessed with nice landscapes, beaches, and campsites. However, to make your visit to this country easy, tourists are advised to always use a rented vehicle whenever they are in the city.

While there are numerous second-hand cars you can purchase, hiring a vehicle at Jumbo car is an affordable option. For those who are planning to go to Costa Rica, but aren’t sure about why they should use jumbo car rentals, here are reasons to use them.

No insurance obligations

When you lease a car at Jumbo Car rentals, you aren’t compelled to get an insurance policy for your vehicle. They usually help their clients to get everything and you won’t spend your time asking actuary firms for a quote. If you are renting a car in costa rica with Jumbo Car, visit their showrooms; you can choose from a plethora of cars that suit your taste.

Furthermore, these vehicles are already insured and at a good rate. Just simply contact their service centers and choose one of their best vehicles that you can afford.


Jumbo car agency remains an excellent choice for people when it comes to hiring a car and they have various showrooms around the country. If you arrive in the country via the airport, they have several outlets already at the various airports in the country.

Also, they can get your chosen vehicle ready immediately after you sign the documents. If you have someone to pick up, you can talk to a customer support to send you the car to your hotel.

Phone number : +50622558626

Many vehicle options to choose from

When you deal with Jumbo car, you are assured of the best services around. They are a reliable, trustworthy, and credible vehicle agency in Costa Rica. You can get a Honda Accord, sedan, four-wheeled drive, space bus, and Jeeps.

Moreover, picking the vehicle to hire depends on where you want to visit and which model you are used to. For those going to unpaved roads in the country, it is suggested you lease Jeeps and 4×4 wheeled cars, they are durable and rugged.

Flexible options

When leasing a car with this great agency, you might have some challenges with payment. This is particularly true for those with financial challenges.

Also, you can pay in stages using credit card or bank transfer options. People who are staying for a longer time will likely get more flexible options than those renting for a day or two.

Customer support

When leasing any car model in this country, you likely have questions since you aren’t used to the terrain. That’s why it’s advisable to always use an agency with a friendly and experienced customer support.

Also, the customer support at Jumbo car is always at the desk and will provide various advisory services on the best vehicles that will suit you. If there are any challenges or problems along the way, they are just a call away.

Leasing a car in Costa Rica has been made easy with Jumbo car Rentals. You will be able to explore everywhere in the country without any problems. They are reliable, have great vehicle models, and offer flexible payment services.